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Plastic bags and dolls consume tonight's episode of 'My Strange Addiction'

Robert enjoys a bite of a red plastic bag.
Robert enjoys a bite of a red plastic bag.
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My Strange Addiction


This week on “My Strange Addiction”, we meet Robert of Oakland, Tennessee who has an appetite for plastic.

Living with his fiancé, 23-year-old Robert admits that his day starts off eating a whole plastic bag. But not just any bag, Robert elaborates on what feeds his addiction.

“My favorite bags are the bags off the newspaper,” explains Robert in his deep southern twang.

Robert’s addiction has him consuming as many as 16 bags per week, sometimes opting for the chewy texture of a plastic bag over a real meal.

“I’ve noticed over the years that each color of plastic has its own different taste and texture,” explains Robert as he fondles a blue plastic bag.

Interestingly, Robert isn’t the only plastic addict from “My Strange Addiction”, there was also Kailyn who in 2012 admitted to eating thousands of plastic items including her favorite, plastic cocktail swords.

Also featured on tonight’s episode is Catherine, a 48-year-old woman addicted to her baby doll.

For the last 8 years, Catherine has been loving on her 18-inch doll Volo (we’re not sure what that means).

Catherine explains her special relationship with Volo, as she faces the scrutiny of her daughter and boyfriend who feel that the doll is getting in the way of her “human” relationships. We’re not sure why feeding a doll wine and food, as well as dropping water on his lips would prevent human interaction, but we’re pretty sure it will all be explained on tonight’s episode.

Tune in to another interesting episode of “My Strange Addiction” Wednesday at 10/9C on TLC.

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