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Plants versus Zombies 2 is better late than never

Plants vs. Zombies 2


Plants versus Zombies 2 continues the whimsical nature of the original game, but it seems to be lacking in some indefinable way. The sequel offers more levels that appeared in the original title, but its storyline detracts from the player's enjoyment.

Other reviewers criticized the game for relying on micro transactions, although many mobile developers use the same method to increase their app profits. Electronic Arts and Pop Cap games charge nothing for the sequel. She can buy power ups and some of the more powerful plants in the game from the app itself.

Although the micro transactions received criticism, it is more concerning that the plot points make little sense. Some of them are never explained. Players are drug back in time because Crazy Dave wanted to eat a taco again. His new vehicle, a time-traveling RV, allows him to make this trip. Plants versus Zombies 2 does not explain why the player travels to other time periods to defend against zombie attacks.

Plants versus Zombies 2 provides many hours of fun, but it suffers from the sequel problem. It is just not as good as the original. It earns four out of five stars.