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Plain Flavored Gum from Buffalo's Accidentals

Plain Flavored Gum by Accidentals


Hailing from Buffalo, NY comes an exciting new band called Accidentals. After many a booze-soaked night and hissy fit fights, the horrifying brainchild know as Accidentals was born. Timothy Ernst (Vocals/Bass), Ryan O'Neill (Vocals/Guitar) and Mike Smith (Vocals/Drums) make up this talented 3 piece. With a sound reminescent of NOFX, Operation Ivy and Assorted Jelly Beans. The lads have released their debut album "Plain Flavored Gum" recorded By Eric Hughes at Bankrupt Studio in Buffalo, NY. With 11 tracks filled with teen angst punk rock.

The album opens up with "Radio Smasher" a short 1:07 track that showcases the speed this band is capable of in the coming tracks. The soundbite is great. The album kicks in with track 2 "T.E.H.A.B." a track that is just as fast and could remind some of early Pennywise/NOFX. The speed of the musicians is great and the harmonies are in the punk off key style which fits the band. The lead vocals showcase what makes punk great. Not classically trained, just up there putting your all into what you're doing. "Pizza and Snapbacks" is the first song that shows what this band could accomplish. The song could be ready for some indie radio play. The song would keep the pit moving while allowing singalong times with the crowd.

The 4th song "Crusin' for a PT Bruisin'" shows the bands NOFX influence. This is a song that you could almost hear Fat Mike and the boys rallying behind this track. "Down With The Ship" is one of the best off the album. The song is well played and produced well. "Ryan Can't Skank" starts with a heavy bass that would make even Mike Watt proud. The song has more Operation Ivy influence than most of the others. The harmonies and vocals on this track hit the mark and you can envision those in attendance tearing up the floor skanking and moshing. The next track is "Caterpillars In Diapers" more of a throwback track to the punk of the 90's. The song is done well and has a pop edge to it. "Church Hymn" is the shortest track on the album at a mere 0.26 the song is just as fast as the rest of the album but gives the listener a great break in the action.

"Ashley's Bong" is not one of the best on the album. While the song has moments of excellence, like the breakdown and drum speed, the vocals on this track get a bit winded at times. The screaming vocals almost seem harsh on this track. Track 10 "Mustard Glove" is the longest song on the album. Incorporating the traditional metal and classic punk influences. This track gives another side of credability to the album. This is one of those songs that you just know people at the show will love and singalong with as they catch their breath from the non stop pit. The final track is "Unlucky #7". A perfect ending to the album. The band tackels what they adore in the song, drinking and having fun. As the band says "Here are the thrill seekers. Corrupt and immoral".

At the end of the day this band has released a good album. You can hear and almost feel the drunken basement antics in this beer spittin', crowd surfin', occasional skankin' punk rock. Fans of NOFX, Pennywise, Operation Ivy will really enjoy "Plain Flavored Gum". If you're into just downloading a few tracks from the album, start with "Pizza and Snapbacks", "Crusin" for a PT Brusin'" or "Ryan Can't Skank".