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Pizza! Pizza! comes to Yorkville

Little Caesars in Yorkville


One of the latest additions to the Kendall County pizza scene opened at the intersection of Route 47 and Route 34 next to Jewel. The longtime leader in inexpensive, quality pizza, Little Caesars, is now serving up the chain’s signature brand in a storefront situated between Starbucks and Panera Bread. Those who understand the value of feeding a kid-friendly favorite to the hungry family on a budget will certainly be impressed by the outstanding value.
The chain certainly doesn’t make any claims of being the best gourmet pizza ever, but it does stand behind its product and their website boasts “Throughout its history, Little Caesars has provided quality pizza at a great price, resulting in outstanding value for customers. Quality and value are core values at Little Caesars, but the brand also represents passion, fun, commitment and a focus on family. This spirit comes to life in the fun-loving “Little Caesar” character who is loved by kids and adults alike around the globe. These characteristics are also reflected in breakthrough advertising and marketing campaigns that are remembered by customers for decades. Pizza!Pizza!® is an iconic phrase that resonates with customers, who remember fondly the advertising associated with it.”
The key to the Yorkville location is its friendly staff and clean facility. Take-out pizza, ready in minutes if it isn’t already when you walk in, service with a smile from a staff eager and willing to make accommodations, and a great, reliable flavor that the kids absolutely love make Little Caesars in Yorkville a can’t-miss. Granted, the no-frills price doesn’t include a dining room or delivery service, but for a carry-out pizza, the value is unbeatable.
Little Caesars in Yorkville is located at 1222 North Bridge Street in Yorkville, IL 60560. Their number is 630-553-0800. Their hours are Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Regular pizzas like Sausage or Pepperoni are always hot and ready to just walk in and purchase, and all of the regular pizza toppings are available for personalized orders with a little notice or a very, very short wait time. Always best to call for specific details. Overall, an extra star for the great service. More information is available by clicking here.