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Pizza Fusion: Denver's Amazing Vegan Friendly Pizzeria

Pizza Fusion


Are you up-to-date on the vegan friendly restaurant scene in Denver? If you don't already have this written down, you've got to add Pizza Fusion to your list! Although they display the word “vegan” on their front door, it's not as well known to Denver’s vegan community as it should be. Not only is this pizzeria vegan-friendly, but it’s eco-friendly too! And if you're looking for great service - this is one of the best places in town to find it! Pizza Fusion’s General Manager, Mary Putman took some time to answer questions concerning this terrific restaurant that opened in May of 2011.

Pizza Fusion employee, Eunice Shije.
Pizza Fusion
Just ask the friendly staff for the vegan version of any pizza on the menu!
Pizza Fusion

What's the overall philosophy of Pizza Fusion?

  • To offer organic and healthful food for a reasonable price within a business model that is earth friendly. "Saving the Earth One Pizza at a Time" is the motto. To that motto, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless adds to Pizza Fusion Denver, "Ending Homelessness One Person at a Time.” This location is owned by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. We serve as a job training facility for our clients, homeless and formerly homeless individuals, to help them achieve sustainable independence through work.

There are many locations throughout the United States, and even two locations in Saudi Arabia. Where was the site of the first ever Pizza Fusion and how did the idea come about?

  • Pizza Fusion Corporate started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2006. The founders were Michael Gordon and Vaughn Lazar, two college buddies who wanted to start a business that would make a difference in people's lives.

There's only one location in Colorado, and that's in Denver. How is business?

  • Business has been spotty, which is not unusual for the first year. It has not been as strong as I would have hoped, given the demographic of Denver that is so hip to many of our, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free. As long as we continue to serve our customers well, make delicious and beautiful pizzas, I am confident that the word will continue to spread.

Pizza Fusion is vegan and vegetarian friendly. You even have a pizza called "Very Vegan." What's on this pizza?

  • Actually, any of our pizzas could potentially be vegan as one may substitute our soy cheese or Daiya cheese for our traditional cheese blend. All of our veggies are roasted in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ensuring the purity of our claim for vegan also. Specifically, the Very Vegan pie has our organic tomato sauce, soy cheese, sliced fresh crimini mushrooms and roasted garlic.

Why did Pizza Fusion decide to offer vegan and vegetarian options?

  • It is in recognition of pizza as a great healthy food. It does not need to be saturated in grease and smothered in meat to be delicious. The vegetarian and vegan options are out of respect for an individual’s food choice and to give them the opportunity and privilege to eat great pizza.

Can you tell us about Pizza Fusion's company-wide environmental initiatives?

  • Franchises are required to build out utilizing recycled material, non VOC paints, LED lighting, and in some stores, solar or wind power. In the daily operation, we recycle, compost, use paper products that are from 100% post consumer recycled materials, low phosphate cleaning products, and deliver in an energy efficient car. We have a Smart Car here in Denver.

Is it true that most of the food at Pizza Fusion is organically sourced?

  • All of our fresh vegetables and some of our cheeses are organic. The items that are "natural" (produced with no hormones, antibiotics or nitrates) are the meats, cheese blend and some of the canned vegetables (olives, jalapenos, artichoke hearts.) Unfortunately, as is often the case when creating a menu of organic products, to be cost effective, at times those choices are made. If I had to put a percentage on it, I would say that we are 80% organic for what most folks order. For the vegetarians and vegans, that percentage would be higher.

Why should vegan and vegetarians around Denver support Pizza Fusion?

  • We are more than just a marketing ploy to appeal to that demographic as is often the case these days. Our approach to our pizzas, salads and sandwiches is one of integrity when safeguarding the life style and dietary choices that our customers make. We are a pizzeria with a social mission of helping others in need, not with a hand-out but with a hand-up in the form of a job and life-long job skills. If you want to have great pizza in Denver, there are numerous choices, but if you want to have great pizza in Denver with MORE, choose Pizza Fusion because of who we are and what we practice every day.

If you're interested in eating mouth-watering pizza and receiving great customer service, get over to Pizza Fusion and experience it for yourself!

Location: 571 East Colfax Ave. Denver CO 80203

Phone Number: (303) 830-0223


Click here to see their menu.


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