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Pizza 4P’s: A little slice of heaven in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Prosciutto Pizza with Homemade Burrata
Jennifer Eiber

Pizza 4 P's


Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is home to some of SE Asia’s most crave-worthy street food. Pho (noodle soup with fresh herbs and meat), bhan mi, (French baguette with pickled veggies and meat) and plenty of seafood on a stick are just a few of the staples. So, go ahead. Let the fragrant aromas make your mouth water. Eat your way through the vibrant, scrumptious streets filled with unique flavors. And then, when the overwhelming urge for a familiar taste of home hits you (and it will), you must beeline to Pizza 4 P’s.

Okay, okay. One wouldn’t necessarily envision Vietnam and pizza in the same thought. Perhaps Italy and pizza may be more of a match. There is nothing quite like sitting in a tiny, candle-lit pizza shop in Naples. The sound of Italian opera playing in the background, the busy, open kitchen and husky voices from old, Italian men yelling out endless orders add to the authenticity. But, when you’re craving the ultimate comfort food while traveling in Asia and there’s a restaurant dishing out Neapolitan style pizza with perfectly browned, bubbly crust from a hand-built wood-fired oven, you’ve got to think the stars have somehow aligned. Now this place is definitely pricier than the average cost of street food, but sometimes it’s necessary to splurge. Oh, and these guys make their own homemade cheeses produced on their farm in Da Lat. Homemade cheeses including burrata! Yep, Pizza 4P’s is a little slice of heaven.

Must Try:
assorted cheese appetizer: 90,000 Dong (~ $4.25)
margherita pizza: 140,000 Dong (~ $7.75)
quattro formaggi pizza: 210,000 Dong (~ $10)
prosciutto pizza: 300,000 Dong (~ $14)
calamari seaweed pizza: 180,000 Dong (~ 8.50)

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