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Pizaro's Pizza Needs Attitude Adjustment



Pizaro's isn't shy about forcing their attitude upon you. If you know what a true pizza made according to the standards of the Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) is then you won't mind the attitude. If you are looking for the style of pizzas that exist outside of Napoli, Italy (e.g., New York, Chicago, St. Louis, etc., etc.) then you just might be disappointed.

A few examples of the attitude:

1. Want to use their dough to make your own pie at home? Forget about it. I was turned away with a terse "NO." No explanation. No apology.

2. Want to have your pizza delivered? Nope.

3. Want to call in your order so it's ready when you arrive? No way buddy. By the way, this lack of cooperation is not mentioned at the bottom of the homepage or menu page where most users will look (and find) the phone number. They will explain to you that their pizzas cook in 90 seconds. Well, I can get their from my house in 90 seconds, so why make me wait?

4. Lastly, and I predict this will be the death knell of Pizaro's, you can not get a pizza your way, only theirs. Sure you can pick from a limited selection of additional items but they will be used in the sparse style dictated by the VPN. If you want a more American standard pie with lots of cheese...fuggedaboutit!

Does the VPN require its disciples to produce only VPN pizzas? No, it doesn't. A review of the VPN's website shows there is no requirement that these are the only pizzas you have to make.Is their VPN-style pizza bad? No, as long as you know what to expect. And their website has a few images that will help set your expectations.

They are roughly 11 inches in size (sorry folks, you can't get anything larger or smaller). The dough is hand stretched to an evenly narrow thickness and covered in a very simple tomato sauce. The sauce is closer to diced tomatoes with a touch of salt than your standard spiced sauce. The cheese is fresh mozzarella. No shredded stuff here. And the cheese will occupy less than 50% of the pie. I guarantee you will not get a bite of cheese in every bite you take.

I honestly respect what the owner here is trying to do and I wish him well. But c'mon, show some flexibility. Lead your customers gently down the path to Napoli-style pizzas. Get them in the door. Give them what they want, not what you want them to have. Then suggest they try the 'real thing.'

In the end, I will be watching his fate from the sidelines. The rigid nature of the place and the attitude I got is enough to turn me off. I don't plan on returning.Good luck Pizaro's, you're gonna need it.


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