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Pixies return to Atlanta with brand new music

Live review Pixies and Cults


Live Review: Pixies with Cults at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, 2/4/14

Black Francis
Black Francis
Kevin Triebsch / No Earplugs
Kevin Triebsch

After a two-decade drought, new music from the Pixies surfaced last summer with the “Bagboy” single. Then came EP-1 and EP-2, a couple of four-song releases which garnered adoration from fans and critics around the world. This was the first music recorded without bassist Kim Deal, who announced her departure from the band last June. For singer Black Francis (aka Frank Black), guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer David Lovering, this would be their first recordings without Deal. The Kim Deal/Black Francis harmonies defined the Pixies’ sound since their 1986 debut.

Kim Shattuck (The Muffs) became Kim #2 from September to November, but it was not to be. The band then hired Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle) as their touring bassist. What seemed like a year of new beginnings became more tumultuous than expected. But that all subsided when the tour began in mid-January.

The show burst open with the one-two punch of “Bone Machine” and “Wave Of Mutilation.” Most of 1989’s Doolittle was performed during the evening, while songs from Surfer Rosa, Come on Pilgrim and Trompe Le Monde were also prominently featured. Throughout the set, fans screamed lyrics, frequently sending a crowd surfer toward the stage. Black did not partake too much in the chit-chat, but did seem to appreciate the love Atlanta was exuding for the Pixies.

Santiago and Lovering shredded and chopped like it was the eighties again, but with a more mature and determined sound. New addition Lenchantin held her own on bass and did some mighty fine Kim-like backing vocals. But let’s be honest people, it’s not the same without the real Deal. The sold-out Tabernacle was jam-packed with standing room only. Atlanta fans were treated to an incredible live show at the best venue in town. This type of experience doesn’t come along every day.

From the raw intensity of “Debaser” to the new beauty of “Andro Queen,” there is no sound like the Pixies’ sound. Black Francis led the group through a 33-song torrent of nostalgia, with a glimpse into the future. The band even squeezed in a brilliant cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Head On.”

Grab some MUSIC or catch the Pixies on TOUR.

Cults tackled the thankless job of opening act with style and skill. Singer Madeline Follin exhibited her angelic voice and the band’s indie-pop presence was a true complement to the Pixies’ sound. The band is on tour in support of their new release Static. Aside from selections from the new release, Cults performed their first album hit “Go Outside” as well as the Motels cover “Total Control.”

Cults: see and hear at TOUR and MUSIC.

Pixies Set List:

1. Bone Machine
2. Wave of Mutilation
3. U-Mass
4. Head On (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)
5. Caribou
6. Ed Is Dead
7. The Sad Punk
8. Magdalena
9. Cactus
10. Gouge Away
11. Debaser
12. Mr. Grieves
13. No. 13 Baby
14. Blue Eyed Hexe
15. Something Against You
16. Brick Is Red
17. Break My Body
18. The Holiday Song
19. Hey
20. Silver Snail
21. In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)
22. Andro Queen
23. Where Is My Mind?
24. Indie Cindy
25. Nimrod's Son
26. Ana
27. Here Comes Your Man
28. La La Love You
29. Greens and Blues
30. Vamos

31. Monkey Gone To Heaven
32. Tame
33. Planet of Sound

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