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Pilgrim- II Void Worship (2014 Metal Blade Records)

Pilgrim II Void Worship
Pilgrim II Void Worship
Metal Blade Records

Pilgrim- II Void Worship


Pilgrim return in 2014 with II Void Worship,a sonic slab of doom, that is certain to slowly bludgeon the masses into submission. Misery Wizard, released in 2012, garnered Pilgrim attention and acclaim from doomers worldwide. This time around Pilgrim isn't waiting for the rewards of their labor, they are taking them. The Wizard, and Krolg-Slayer of Men, fire the first cannon blast and wait for the ensuing rumblings of devastation before heading up the mountain to take the throne of doom by force.

The band shows their maturity, as they deliver a slow, methodical and very deliberate , morose assault on the ears of all who dare listen to the edict that is II Void Worship. The heaviness of the album can only be described as wading through moat in an iron suit. As the album churns along, it gets heavier and heavier. The despair grows with each note that is played leading up to crust laden climaxes. pilgrim-voidworshipBy:Jeff Blackburn
Overall, this album is hands down a 10 out of 10. Thank the Doom Gods for what has been given to you. Let there be no surprise, Pilgrim are taking the throne, and declaring themselves Doom Sovereign of the world. Epic tracks such as Away From Here and Void Worship cement the gift of Cataclysmic Demigods to the loyal disciples of the mournful. Come all, and kneel before your masters.


1- Intro

2- Master's Chambers

3- The Paladin

4- Arcane Sanctum

5- In the Presence of Evil

6- Void Worship

7- Dwarven March

8- Away From Here

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