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Pike Logan is back trying stop the detonation of a suitcase dirty bomb

Pike Logan is enraged when one of his friends is killed
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Days of Rage by Brad Taylor


In "Days of Rage", the sixth novel in the action packed Pike Logan series, in stores on July 15, 2014, Brad Taylor is firing on all cylinders with a novel ripped right out of the headlines. It's a must read for action and thriller fans.

An old line Russian agent, who was once deeply involved in a terrorist plot from the 1970s, wants to drag America into another war by arming Akinbo, an African terrorist from Boko Haram, with poison gas who will use it to kill Americans. The Russian thinks that America will then get involved in another war, which will bankrupt the American economy. He wants Akinbo to buy the poison from a Syrian arms dealer in Istanbul. But before the Russians can launch their plot, they have to get the Americans, who are shadowing Akinbo,off his tail.

So a Russian hit squad is dispatched and ends up diabolically killing two members of the Taskforce, in what looks like an auto accident.

Enter Kurt Hale, the head of the Taskforce, an off-the-books black ops anti-terrorist unit controlled only by select members of the government, with no congressional oversight. Hale wants Pike Logan and Jennifer back in the field to pick up the surveillance on Akinbo. Logan, as those who have read the previous books in this series know, is an ex delta force operator with special combat skills, a very short fuse and a strong killer instinct. Jennifer is his partner and girlfriend. She combines cirque du soleil acrobatic skills with advanced military training. Jennifer is the only one who can rein in Logan. Hale trusts Logan to get the job done.

Meanwhile a member of an ally of America is meeting with an old Russian spy to buy a computer file. Before the agent can get the file, the Russian has a "heart attack" and drops dead. The agent does get a clue to the flash drive's location, but before he can retrieve it, his country sends him to Istanbul - the same city where Akinbo is to meet the Syrian. The agent is to meet a hit squad from his country.

Logan, Jennifer and fellow Taskforce teammates Knuckles, Decoy, Blood and Retro, are also in Istanbul trying to re-establish surveillance on Akinbo, but Logan's team is first ambushed on the roads and then comes under pistol fire from the Russians as well. The surveillance is obviously blow. During the firefight, one of the Logan's team is killed, and Jennifer is on the run -- being chased by two Russian killers. But the Russians also suffer a setback, as the Syrian is gunned down by a motorcyclist, who Logan captures.

Jennifer and Logan end up teaming up with the motorcyclist and their team to try to stop Akinbo. When the first Russian plan to kill Americans with poison gas is interrupted, the Russians fall back on an even worse plan - a suitcase dirty bomb. But the Russians have unleashed a terrorist with no morals, and he acts to make the suitcase bomb even worse.

Taylor is not content with just a story about Logan and Jennifer teaming up with a hit squad to stop the Russians and the terrorist. Taylor throws in a subplot involving a Russian double agent at home,who works hard to handcuff Logan and Jennifer. Also the US orders Logan and Jennifer to stop their ally from finding the computer drive, which supposedly has incriminating information about America's actions in the 1970s. It all makes for breakneck action as Logan, Jennifer and their allies have to stop Akinbo while both using their allies to thwart the Russians and blocking their allies from finding the computer file, all the while staying one step ahead of the traitor.

Taylor is on very firm footing when the focus is Logan and Jennifer in the field. His action scenes are top notch. All three story elements come together. Taylor clearly knows weapons and tactics, but more importantly, he understands the mentality of special forces soldiers and trained killers.

Of course the traitor at home who tries to gum up the Taskforce actions is SOP for these type of books. As is the fact that Logan will ultimately determine the traitor's fate, outside the jurisdiction of any laws.

But this is another fine edition in Taylor's Pike Logan series. Taylor has been able to keep the plots fairly fresh and current.

Action and thriller fans will enjoy.

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