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Pike Logan fights Mexican cartels in the entertaining 'The Polaris Protocol'

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The Polaris Protocol by Brad Taylor


Brad Taylor's Pike Logan anti-terrorist thriller series travels down the well worn "kidnapping plot" line, but Taylor finds a way to make the familiar new in the exciting "The Poloaris Protocol" combining it with an diabolical way to use common technology against the USA.

Pike Logan, his girlfriend Jennifer Cahill, Knuckles, Decoy and Blood are all undercover operators for Taskforce, an clandestine service used to find and identify terrorists for the uber secretive Counsel, which then decides if the terrorists can be captured or killed. While on a mission, Cahill receives a call from her brother Jack, a reporter, who has unwittingly taped a secret meeting of Sinolas, a Mexican drug cartel and a computer hacker.

Because he is an American, the Sinolas plans to take him to Mexico and execute him, after learning what he knows about their plan. Their plan, in fact, involves Booth, a traitorous American computer hacker, who has invented the Polaris Protocol, a way to turn off GPS data used by the military and civilian airlines. This plays havoc with drones but also can cause planes to crash.

Cahill rushes to Mexico against Pike's orders and soon finds herself in over her head, but Pike rescues her. Meanwhile, the Zetas, another Mexican cartel, have ordered Pelon, a murderous "sicario" or assassin and torturer to get Jack and find out what the Sinolas want with him.

Cahill convinces Pike to go after Jack and they are soon engage in various battles against both Mexican cartels. It becomes a rush against time to find Jack before Pelon can use him to find Booth and sell the technology to both the Mexicans and some Arab terrorists. Pike will have to use an old enemy to help with unanticipated results.

Taylor knows how to write action sequences and set pieces. He convincingly depicts the actions of Zetas kidnapping ring and the barbaric actions of the Zeta drug cartels. The novel moves well and the relationship between Logan, Cahill and his team is real. There is plenty of intense action.

Overall this is another excellent thriller with great action.