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Picone and Rush are 'Queens of King'

Dorian Rush, left, Lisa Picone are the "Queens of King" with pianist Natalie True at right.
Dorian Rush, left, Lisa Picone are the "Queens of King" with pianist Natalie True at right.©Alan Smason

"Queens of King"


This weekend will mark two weeks that Broadway audiences officially welcomed "Beautiful," the musical based on the early career of singer-songwriter Carole King. The production has generated great buzz and seems well on its way to being one of the top musicals of the new season.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the love coming from way down yonder should be traveling up to the chilly Great White Way in droves this weekend as Lisa Picone and Dorian Rush put the finishing touches on their love letter to King titled "The Queens of King."

Jonathan Mares Productions is presenting this final weekend as an opportunity for both singers to shine in an hour-long homage to the successful composer, singer and lyricist, who started out life as a talented Jewish girl, Carole Klein from Brooklyn. Aside from their mutual love for King and the incredible repertoire she has amassed, both local performers have another former key accomplishment in common. They are both recipients of the Big Easy Award for Cabaret - Rush for her "Janis Lives" in 2009 and Picone for her "Lisa Sings Lee" in 2009.

With pianist Natalie True, both singers sing famous songs written by King that showcase her incredible talent. Songs like "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" - written when she was just 17 - and "One Fine Day" give way to later works most famously laid down on her best-selling "Tapestry" album.

Anyone who loves beautiful harmonies will fall in love with show and the stars encourage audience participation on more than one occasion. The two talented ladies put their own spin on King's works to remarkable success.

The show continues at the Allways Lounge and Theatre tonight and ends its run tomorrow, Saturday, January 25. What tickets remain are available by calling 504-218-5778.