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Picking the past

Inside the shop
Inside the shop
Photo by Marianna DeBolt 2014

Antique Archaeology


Ever notice when a tv station gets a popular show they marathon it to death? One such show is filmed in the midwestern river town of Le Claire, Iowa. Turn your tv off and drive to the quaint town full of antique stores, restaurants, and river activities, as well as the antique store that put them on the map to America, Antique Archaeology.

Sights to see
Marianna DeBolt 2014 and 2011

If your familiar with the History Channel's "American Pickers" reality show, then you know Antique Archaeology is the shop where the tv show is based. Not only is this store the set of the show, it's a real working store that fans and visitors are welcome to browse, photograph and barter for items picked on various shows and across the states. Since our first visit the Antique Archaeology, the second building is open with more picks, T-shirts, books, and souvenirs.

Unfortunately, during this trip, we didn't see the owners Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz or meet their manager Danielle Colby Cushman. Although, it was exciting to meet Mike Wolfe during our first trip a couple of years ago. He is very down to earth and takes time to talk to everyone while posing for photographs. We bought two items, our candy vending machine was on a past show. Mike suggested we pose with him in a picture as he shined my shoes since the second item we bought was a metal shoe shine! As the show has gained popularity, it's less likely to catch a glimpse of the three as we hear Danielle now lives in the Chicago area while doing her work by computer and phone, Mike resides with his family in the Nashville, Tennessee area close to their second location, and Frank continues to live locally in the Davenport area. However, you never know when all are back for filming! Follow Mike Wolfe on Facebook for all up to date sightings and picking information. Frank Fritz has a store in northern Illinois.

Check out for photos of both locations, maps, merchandise, and links of interest. Plan to spend the day in Le Claire by checking for coming events at

View the slideshow for sights from location, I bet you will see familiar picks from the show.

Location: 115 1/2 Davenport Street, Le Claire, Iowa 52753. (563)-265-3939
Times: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm