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'Philomena’ is innocently delightful



If someone asked me right now which films would get nominated for the best film this years at the Oscars I would say “Philomena.” There are several other films that will go along with “Philomena” to the best film category, but I seriously believe that “Philomena” will be the big winner on Oscar night.

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Starring the wonderful Dame Judi Dench and my new favorite actor Steve Coogan, “Philomena,” is based on a true story. The film is charming, sad and happy all at the same time. The perfect film in this day of films that few people want to see.

Philomena was a young girl when she became pregnant and was sent to a nunnery to have her child. She was then forced to give the child up for adoption and never see him again.

Flash forward to Philomena as an older woman who has thought of that child her whole life, everyday. Phil is not a worldly woman and shows it by putting out 'what ifs' when it comes to what could have happened to her son. What if ... he is obese, the U.S. has such large portions. Very funny stuff.

Steve Coogan plays a failed politician who turns back to his first job, journalism. He doesn’t, however, want to write the story of Philomena and her sad tale. But, minds change and Martin (Coogan) decides to do the story and he does it right.

He takes the diminutive Philomena from the nunnery to the United States where she finds learns some hard truths.

Martin also learns things from Philomena and he is changed forever by what he learns.

This is a beautiful film with no CGI, no computer magic. This is simply a magic story.

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