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‘Phantom of the Opera’ brings magic and mystery to the Ohio Theatre

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The Phantom of the Opera


It’s a show that has everything, which makes it no wonder that it’s run on Broadway for over two decades. Romance. Mystery. Magic. An epic musical score with enchanting lyrics. And now the national tour The Phantom of the Opera has stopped in Columbus to enchant local audiences.

Phantom is an operatic music set in a Paris opera house during the 19th century. The opera house has long been haunted by a mysterious being known as the Opera Ghost, or the Phantom of the Opera. But the Phantom is not an actual ghost; he is a disfigured man who wears a mask and has taken a keen interest in a ballet dancer and chosen to give her singing lessons. Alone and unloved, the Phantom wants Christine to himself, and for Christine’s talent to be recognized, which turns quickly into him strategically taking out Christine’s competition and attempting to keep any other men from falling for her.

It’s a haunting and magical musical, full of special effects and an amazing set – including the pivotal chandelier. The rotating set on the national tour is one of particular magnificence, moving seamlessly and intriguingly from one scene to another. Set features and entire scenes appear out of seemingly nowhere and everything fits together like a well-orchestrated puzzle.

It would be easy to say that the fascinating set steals the show if it wasn’t for the incredible cast. The Phantom national tour is not short on talent. In the title role, Cooper Grodin moves easily from gentle to terrifying, bringing the unnerving character of the Phantom to life with a soaring voice. As Christine Daaé, Julia Udine is equal parts innocent and enchanting and she has no trouble at all with what must be an incredibly difficult soprano part. Ben Jacoby, as Raoul, is perfection in the role of protector and defender of Christine, and the chemistry between Jacoby and Udine is evident on the stage. The entire ensemble that has been assembled is enchanting to watch.

The national tour of Phantom of the Opera will be in Columbus through March 16. You will not want to miss it.