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Petzl ARIAL 9.5 mm dynamic single rope review

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Petzl ARIAL 9.5 mm dynamic single rope


The Petzl ARIAL 9.5 mm diameter dynamic single rope is a serious rope for serious and experienced climbers whether they’re on rock, ice, or snow. It offers maximum longevity and performance in any conditions due to the Duratec Dry treatment.

The ARIAL 9.5 mm diameter rope is a thin, versatile rope with an excellent balance between weight and performance for use in rock, mixed, snow or iced environments. The Duratec Dry treatment makes the rope more resistant to water, dirt and abrasion. Characteristics such as handling and grip are retained longer in cold and wet conditions. The Ultrasonic Finish gives great durability and avoids frayed ends as the core and sheath are bonded together. Longevity of the rope is increased as the ClimbReady coil makes the rope ready for use and helps the user avoid initial uncoiling mistakes. A middle mark indicates the middle of the rope, and the EverFlex treatment is a special thermal treatment that stabilizes the core strands and improves consistency which is more effective for belaying.

Ouray, Colorado seemed to be one of the best places to test out the ARIAL 9.5 mm diameter 60 meter rope for the ice climbing season. With three full days of ice and mixed climbing planned, it would get some serious usage. The rope was very smooth and felt much lighter than the beefy 10.5 and 10.1 mm ropes I have. It uncoiled without tangling when taken right out of the package which made it extremely easy to pack it in a rope bag. With conditions being warmer than usual in Ouray, the rope was put through conditions that ranged from snow, icy and wet.

The ARIAL rope fed through both an ATC and a GRIGRI very nicely. When the rope was wet, you had to add just a little more effort while lowering a climber, but it wasn’t significantly straining. Some ropes have a tendency to coil and tangle when using a GRIGRI, but there were absolutely no problems with this and the ARIAL rope. You could definitely feel the durability of the rope while climbing, and the performance was fantastic. It might be skinny and lightweight, but don’t let that fool you as it does have a strong impact force and high fall rating. From wet to ice to an area of dry tooling, the Arial’s versatility was very evident.

If you want a rope that’ll be ideal for year-round climbing, the Petzl ARIAL 9.5 mm diameter dynamic single rope is one you may want to take into serious consideration. This rope will be able to handle the seasons whether it’s taking on sport, trad, multi-pitch or ice/mixed climbing in Colorado, Utah or wherever you can get your hands, feet, crampons and ice tools on. You can climb confidently with the Petzl ARIAL 9.5 mm single rope.

For more information on technical specifications, please visit the Petzl Web site.

The Petzl ARIAL 9.5 mm rope is available in a 60 or 70 meter at, The Front Climbing Club and

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