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Peter Yarrow Troubadour for justice, freedom and peace

Folk Concert


He captured us with tales of bravery, passion and hope. He stood in front of us a young heart with a Yiddish silver lining. Peter Yarrow will forever be the teacher, the student and the friend.

Peter Yarrow Iconic Revolutionary
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

“To communicate, to be understood, sing” and we did. We sang most of us out of tune compared to his perfect pitch, but who cared. We were all understood. Peter Yarrow a third of the trio of Peter, Paul and Mary, reminded us of a time in America when our voices did drown wrong decisions and changes were made.

He represents what we need right now. We need many people to have the passion to go against the norm, to not worry about being “politically correct” in this day, but morally correct.

While Peter did sing some of the well known songs from the trio, not without a history lesson from the teacher most of what he spoke about and sang. Peter is promoting a curriculum of civility and conflict resolution in an organization called “Operation Respect” that is being taught a schools throughout the world.

The songs Blowing in the wind and If I had a hammer are not historical documents to be looked at in wonder and say oh wasn’t that a time; because this is the time.

Before Peter took the stage we were entertained by someone from his distant past, Art Podell who played with the New Christy Minstrels. Art, a true storyteller himself provided some character background including his conversation with Peter asking if he ever published that dragon song? Then near the conclusion the Higley High School Choir joined Peter in a most unique rendition of Puff the Magic Dragon.

One of the last remaining troubadours for justice performed Saturday night February 15th at the Higley Performing Arts center. It was an friendly crowd of close fans of freedom in an intimate interactive setting.

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