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Peter's Clam Bar/ Restaurant finds its groove again

Peter's Clam Bar/Restaurant in Island Park long Island


Peter's Clam House/Restaurant in Island Park, L.I., has finally got its groove back on. After a frustrating couple of years, a new management team has finally brought back the recipes that people love! I had just about given up on their famous baked clams, fabulous clam chowders and mouthwatering corn on the cob.

For the past couple of years, the baked clams( their signature dish) had the recipe altered into a what appeared to be a half shell of stuffing and filler with a few tiny pieces of clam. This type of cost saving almost put this landmark venue out of business. This past week, I decided to give the clam bar one more try and was amazed to find that the original mouthwateringly good baked clams had returned better than ever. The original recipe is now available ,super delicious, and joy can return to Long Beach, Island Park and Long Island. New management had the wisdom to adhere to that old saying : "If it ain't broke don't fix it! The "new" original recipe is now once again served with large chunks of clam meat with a delicious crust and little if any filler. Simply out of this world!

Peter's Clam bar and restaurant had also been going to seed over the past few years and with an infusion of enlightened new management and money, the Clam Bar was reborn again, cleaner, fresher and just perfect. At this point Peter's will have to climb back up the mountain to regain their popularity after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and a few years of serving lousy product. After eating there a few times in recent weeks, I am convinced that they can and will resume serving the best clams on Long Island.! Their new hands on, restaurant manager,Pepe is hardworking and on a mission to bring Peter's back to the top.

While I was enjoying my baked clams . I also tried Peter's famous sweet corn on a cob and their New England Clam Chowder ,,,Simply Terrfic.

Congratulations to the new owners, the Dover Group, Pepe and his staff. Eating Peter//s baked clams and corn on the cob while overlooking the water is sublime and a pleasure not to be missed! The wait staff is helpful, cheerful and terrific.

For those who have loved Peter's baked clams and seafood in the past, it is time to return. You are gonna love this updated version!

Peter's Clam Bar/Restaurant 600 Long Beach Road, Island Park, NY

tel: 516-432-0505

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