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Peter Dukes does it again, DANIEL is superb

But is all what it seems?
But is all what it seems?
Dream Seekers Productions



Filmmaker Peter Dukes is quickly rising on my list of A-talent. He first garnered my attention with LITTLE REAPER, a short horror comedy about the daughter of the Grim Reaper, who is reluctant to follow in the family business. And now, with DANIEL, Dukes proves that he's got the muster to tackle the horror genre as a whole.

DANIEL is a 3-minute short that tells the story of a young boy hiding from intruders, but it's not what it seems. Dukes shows an incredible knack for creating, building and sustaining suspense, something that's a real rarity in the biz today.

The short ends on a semi cliff-hanger, leaving the viewer wanting to see what happens next. But that's where Dukes knew to pump the brakes. And it's great. I don't need to see what happens next. I can only imagine it.

With a bigger budget and the reigns to a feature-length production, I'm 100% confident that we'd receive something no-less than spectacular. It's a rare treat that I can't seem to find anything negative about this short.

I hear Peter Dukes is interested in a UFO project. I say go for it! Being an avid UFO and extra terrestrial fan, I'd be more than interested to see what the man has in story for viewers.

I cab imagine something along the lines of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS meets THE X-FILES, which I'm all for.

You can check out DANIEL at the official Dream Seekers YouTube channel here.

Also, if you wish to check out LITTLE REAPER, click here.