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Pet product review: Brinsea EcoGlow 20

The Brinsea EcoGlow 20 provides safe heat for a small flock of chicks.
The Brinsea EcoGlow 20 provides safe heat for a small flock of chicks.
Copyright Lynda Altman

Brinsea EcoGlow 20 brooder heater


You decided to get a few hens for pets. When you went to the farm supply store, you saw those fuzzy, yellow chicks and you could not resist. At home, your chicks will need heat. So, what is the best way to provide heat to those little yellow fuzzballs? After trying out different methods for keeping chicks warm, I found that the Brinsea EcoGlow 20 is the best option for keeping a small flock warm.

Brinsea EcoGlow 20

What makes the EcoGlow 20 different is that it provides both heat and shelter at the same time. This heater gives off safe, gentle heat that keeps chicks warm and your house safe. As an added benefit, the heating shelf gives chicks a secure feeling—sort of like a mamma hen. They can run underneath the heater to get warm or get away from perceived danger.

This particular model is good for up to 20 chicks. If you are raising large hens, like Jersey Giants, it will accommodate fewer. With smaller hens like bantams, you could squeeze in a few more than 20.

I really like that this is a safe form of heat. If your rowdy little chicks manage to topple it over, there is no fire hazard and your chicks will be safe. The heat is never too hot to place your hand on.

The unit is made from a durable, high quality plastic. It is easy to clean—a bonus because chicks are very messy creatures. Another great feature is that the Brinsea EcoGlow 20 uses about 1/10 the electricity of a standard heat lamp. This is something you will really notice on your electric bill, because the heat lamps or EcoGlow unit must remain on 24 hours a day until the chicks feather out. The savings in electricity really make a difference.

All Brinsea EcoGlow units come with a 2 year warranty if you register the unit with Brinsea.


The unit is easy to clean, energy efficient, and safe. It adjusts to three different heights to accommodate growth. There is a good warranty. The unit arrived in about 10 days with standard shipping.


The Brinsea EcoGlow 20 will set you back $79 plus shipping and tax. Compared to a heat lamp which costs about $10 with the bulb, the unit is expensive. But, you have to look at the risk of using a heat lamp. Every year fire devastates houses, sheds, barns, and livestock when a heat lamp comes in contact with flammable material or shorts out. If you are like most people who use a cardboard box as a brooder box, using a heat lamp to warm your chicks is a fire waiting to happen. If the clamp to the lamp fails or the lamp gets knocked loose, it can easily kill a chick or start a fire.


I would highly recommend the EcoGlow 20. It is the idea way to provide heat for young chicks without the fire risk associated with heat lamps.

Lynda Altman loves animals and is “mom” to 10 chickens and three rescued dogs; Izzy, Sophie, and Romeo. Sophie, the Chinese Shar-Pei, and Romeo the Bedlington Terrier, were adopted from Lone Pine Animal Shelter. Izzy, a coonhound mix, was adopted from a shelter in North Carolina. Get notices when this page is updated by clicking on the subscribe link, by email, or contact Lynda @fusgeyer on Twitter.

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