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Personna Pirouette razor

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Personna Pirouette Razor


Not every stylist is proficient with razor cutting, but when it comes to the stylists who love to perform razor cuts, these stylists most likely use either the Jatai Feather razor or the Personna Pirouette razor. As a stylist who loves razor cutting, I have always preferred the Feather razor, but recently decided to give the Personna Pirouette a try.

According to Personna, the Pirouette was especially designed for effortless cutting, with its sleekly-sculpted handle, balanced shaft, and a weight of less than one ounce. The Pirouette also comes with three different blade guards, allowing the stylist to blend, texturize, or chunk hair.

How does the Pirouette stack up against the Feather? At best, the Pirouette is for rookie stylists who have not yet mastered the intricacies of razor cutting. Compared to the Jatai Feather razor, the Pirouette's "sleekly sculpted" handle feels cheap, chintzy, and insubstantial. True, the razor is indeed lightweight, but the handle and shaft are so light that it lacks the heft needed to slice through thick and coarse hair. Why is heft important? Well, if you ever have to hack your way through Amazonian jungle, you would most likely prefer a dull machete over a sharpened radio antennae.

Even worse, the blade lock is just about worthless; while attempting to use this razor for freehand cutting (cutting without a guard) extremely thick hair, my blade came out of the handle and went flying across the salon. I tried all three of the guards and still had the same issue with the blade failing to stay in place. Changing blades is also a chore; it takes about twice as long to change blades with a Pirouette than a Feather. Don't get me wrong; Personna blades are excellent- it's just the equipment which holds the blade that is horrible.

The difference between the Jatai Feather and the Personna Pirouette is like the difference between a Chevy and a Mercedes-Benz. If you've never driven a Mercedes, you may think your Chevy is the best darn car on the road. But once you get behind the wheel of a Mercedes and go for a drive, going back to your Chevy is a disappointment. However, since the Pirouette and the Feather are roughly the same price, I can think of no logical reason why any professional hair cutter would choose the Pirouette.