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Personal style, personal sound: The MiniBoom review

Chrome speaker domes and a glowing emblem contrast nicely with the somber layers of black. The MiniBoom is tiny, but sophisticated.
Chrome speaker domes and a glowing emblem contrast nicely with the somber layers of black. The MiniBoom is tiny, but sophisticated.
Kenneth Fish

Lenmar Miniboom


Last month, you were introduced to a smart little Bluetooth speaker that you will more than likely be buying for someone (or yourself) as a Christmas present. Yes, Christmas. In the middle of September. If K-Mart can make mention of it at this time of year, so can I. The MiniBoom from Lenmar is the speaker, and the following is why I think it is spiffy.

Lenmar Miniboom $89.99
Kenneth Fish

Looks count: This compact audio playback device is both sleek and handsome. The glossy piano black across the top and bottom is separated by a band of matte black soft-touch material. The speaker grille, with its satin finish, lands somewhere between the two surface treatments, completing the look. When sitting idle, the MiniBoom is a study of design restraint. Three shades of black contrasted only by the soft reflection of the speaker domes from behind the grille and the glowing LED indicator that shines through the grille badge.

In keeping with the slick design aesthetic, Lenmar has neatly incorporated touchscreen-based control buttons for volume, play/pause, call receive and cancel, and track functions below the glossy top panel of the MiniBoom. These buttons, though lacking any tactile recognition, are arranged in a standard enough pattern to make getting accustomed to their functionality quite easy, you just won’t be able to operate the MiniBoom by feel. From the outside, the MiniBoom appears to be well thought out and flawlessly constructed.

To get a sense of the MiniBoom’s innards, the unit must be connected to some sort of device. Doing so is a simple affair thanks the Near Field Communication capabilities of the speaker. Switch the on/off slider to on, turn on the Bluetooth of whatever device you want to connect the MiniBoom to, and choose yes when asked about pairing. Once paired, the range of the MiniBoom is right around 10 meters in clear air. Obstacles of any description hamper this range significantly, though.

Overall, the sound that comes out of the MiniBoom is good, but things do get a bit stressed sounding when it is pushed to its max. The similarly-priced and -sized Logitech UE Mobile Boombox reviewed here last year, had similar issues when pushed to the limit. When it comes to volume, apparently, size matters.

Lastly, the MiniBoom speakerphone capabilities are a thing of beauty. Conversations are crisp and clear with no echo, static, or hiss. As a multitasker, the MiniBoom knows how to impress.

For more information or to make a purchase click here. Lenmar products are also sold at:
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**Full disclosure: This product was provided at no cost for the purposes of testing/reviewing. To think otherwise would be unrealistic.