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Person of Interest’ TV recap: ‘Provenance’

The seductive and deadly Ms. Shaw
The seductive and deadly Ms. Shaw
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Having come to his senses, Mr. Reese saunters back on the job and the job requires him having to wear a monkey suit (tuxedo). Clearly, this attire is too stiff and formal to his liking. On the other hand, a beautifully stunning Ms. Shaw slithers around in a form-fitting white dress (different color for her). The sight of our “shero” leaves Finch and Mr. Reese stunned, gasping and speechless. Ms. Shaw, however, assures them she does indeed know how “to work it” and she ain’t just talking guns either. So it’s off to the museum they go where a heist eventually takes place.

The trio discovers the identity of said thief, a woman named Kelly. So they are in hot pursuit of Kelly. Interpol is in hot pursuit of Kelly and Kelly is in hot pursuit of another artifact – the Gutenberg Bible.

Unfortunately for her, Ms. Shaw thwarts Kelly’s attempt, not knowing the woman was stealing under duress. Apparently, some low-life by the name of Cyril is holding Kelly’s daughter hostage. Bad people always go for leverage. So what do Finch and company decide to in order the save the child? Grab the holy book for themselves of course.

Luckily, the gang was able to lift the dirty fingerprints off some schmuck from security. Long story short:

Reese and Shaw trick and sneak their way into the building where the Bible is housed.
Reese sets himself up to get ‘falsely’ arrested, falsely because police officer and honorary team member Fusco is the one doing the arresting. So this leaves Shaw and Kelly (looking all ninja) to retrieve the Bible.

Finch kidnaps the Interpol guy with the torturing accent so he can eavesdrop on the truth regarding Kelly.

Reese is away rescuing Kelly’s daughter

Shaw shoots Cyril in the leg and slyly grins about it. The scene is priceless. Chick has too way much fun with weapons.

All is well that ends well for our surveillance crusaders.

Watch Person of Interest on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on CBS.

And the Best Dialogue Award goes to: Ms. Shaw

“I’ll just sit over here…with my gun.”

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