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‘Person of Interest’ tv recap: ‘Last Call’ or else

911 what's your emergency
911 what's your emergency
Spoiler TV

CBS Person of interest TV show


Air date February 25, 2014
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One might watch this episode and think when you have a court ordered sealed document on record you become a target. When you become a target you get a job as a 911 operator. When you are a 911 operator you get blackmailed by lunatics. Don’t get blackmailed by lunatics.

Of course, that would all be silly. However, this episode can be quickly summarized in a nutshell. Finch, or as Detective Fusco affectionately calls him, Glasses, is working undercover as a 911 operator since a top-notch operator named Sandra is the latest whose number has come up.

Over at the precinct, Fusco is having trouble adjusting to his newfound popularity. All this worship and neediness from others can be quite bothersome. As fate would have it, and it usually does, Fusco and Finch eventually find out they are working the same case. The blackmailer is forcing Sandra to do things on the job that would undoubtedly get her fired or worse. She does it because the blackmailer kidnapped a kid and Sandra has a “soft spot” for children. The blackmailer is also working for a couple whose female employee has been found dead. Hence, the dead body is Fusco’s homicide case. Well, actually the case belongs to a rookie who seems to idolize Fusco so Fusco is reluctantly helping him out.

Reese and Shaw spend time trying to track down the blackmailer only to dead ends. Their trails always end in finding discarded cell phones. Although Sandra’s task of deleting thousands of 911 calls is called off (pun intended) just in the nick of time, there is still the matter of a little kidnapped boy with a bomb strapped to his back. Also, it is suddenly revealed that Sandra must be eliminated as well. Oh dear. All this trouble because of an affair.

Alas, the brilliant mind of Finch/Glasses kicks in action and he saves Sandra. Well played Finch, well played. Unfortunately, this act of triumph has caused him to inherit Sandra’s blackmailer for an enemy. So what did you think of the ‘Last Call’ episode? By the way, does anyone else miss crazy as a bed bug Root? She and Ms. Shaw do blend well together…like dynamite and a match.

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