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‘Person of Interest’ recap: ‘RAM’ til we meet again

Pre Reese Days
Pre Reese Days
Spoiler TV

CBS Person of Interest


Air date March 4

The year is 2010, pre Mr. Reese and gang days.

A woman is being chased down the street. She stumbles and fall. Why do they always fall? Not to fear. Finch is aware and help is on the way in form of one Mr. Dillinger – John Reese’s predecessor.

Later, Finch and Mr. Dillinger try to help another fellow American by the name of Daniel Casey. They are also on the hunt for a couple who are also hunting Mr. Casey. Dillinger spots the male and female team on a street – it’s a dark haired woman and (gasp) Mr. Reese. Finch is fully aware of Reese’s CIA capabilities and is concerned that Dillinger might have been made. Dillinger is too cocky to be concerned.

When Reese and Dillinger do meet, it’s in an alley where they have a showdown. Goons appear out of nowhere right before Reese is about to release a bullet into Dillinger’s over-confident head. But while Reese and his partner fire rounds back at the goons, Dillinger quietly slips away with Casey.

Dillinger takes Casey to Finch’s hideaway for protection which in turn freaks Finch out. His hideaway is supposed to be…a hideaway, a guarded secret. Again, this is pre Reese and gang days.

Casey spills the beans to Finch and neither one is aware that Dillinger left a listening device behind and hears every word. Dillinger, it turns out, is a very disgruntled and ungrateful employee who double-crosses Finch and Casey. Yes, for the almighty dollar.

Meanwhile, Reese and Mata Hari, who mistakenly think Casey is a government traitor, have captured and are “interrogating” one of the goons. Goon would rather jump through a high-rise window rather than divulge information or put up with Mata’s torturing and so he does. Jump out the window that is.

Dillinger drugs Finch, tells Casey to do what he does best…run and then walks off with Casey’s laptop to secure a deal made with the Chinese. While out on the street, Reese runs into Casey, but decides not to kill him. Something in Casey’s eyes tells him the man is no traitor so he lets him go.

Dillinger meets with the Chinese and gets a bullet for his efforts. A mysterious figure arrives on the scene to try and salvage the situation, but is too late. The mysterious figure is none other than Ms. Shaw. We soon see Casey tucked away in a cabin somewhere. There is a knock on his door. It’s the crazy, but lovable Root.

Til we meet again, Tuesday at 10:00 PM on CBS to watch another episode of ‘Person of Interest.’ Expect a very special guest star to join the cast soon.


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