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‘Person of Interest’ recap: ‘Most likely to…’ engage in covert ops

Most Like To

'Person of Interest'


Air date April 1

Reese and Shaw are too late in saving their number for the week, Leona Wainwright. A phony cab driver blows up the cab with him and her in it. Lionel arrives to investigate the matter and so does Root with her “FBI badge.” She pulls that thing out like it’s a shiny hall pass to world events.

No worries. The dynamic duo are quickly given a second chance and another number, Matthew Reed, who is a prosecutor. However, they are not at all happy about their cover story or place of assignment. The idea of posing as Frank and Betty attending their 20th High School Reunion makes them cringe but gives us some good laughs.

Shaw (Betty) is forced to socialize and women keep approaching Reese (Frank) just to slap him. It appears this Frank was a two-timing heart-breaker in high school. No wonder the real Frank didn’t show up for his reunion.

On the first night, the high school alum are all gathered at a local bowling alley when suddenly every flat screen flashes old crime scene photos of Matthew’s high school sweetheart, Claire, dead in his car on prom night. He is constantly taunted by Claire’s friend Doug who blames him for her death.

Matthew and Shaw share a slow dance on the dance floor. Another not-so-funny prank is pulled when a dummy representing Claire crashes to the floor.

Reese and Shaw share a hotel room. Now, whereas most people unpack clothing and toiletries from their luggage, these two unload equipment, weapons and other hardware.

The fun is not over yet. Back inside the ballroom, there is some guy named Phil, who according to the class nit-wit grew a foot taller. This arouses Reese’s suspicions and also means Reese and Shaw are not the only imposters at the reunion. Of course, Phil and Reese duke it out and rather than talk, fake Phil digests a cyanide pill. At least Reese figured out Phil was part of Vigilance and he was there for him and Shaw.

Meanwhile, Shaw figured out Matthew is not the one being terrorized by Doug. Doug was being set up by Matthew who wanted revenge and a confession out of Doug. If it’s any consolation, Doug did not mean to kill Claire. It was accident and like any coward he couldn’t come forward. Therefore, Matthew had to walk around all these years listening to accusing whispers behind his back. Murderer. Killer.

As fate would have it, Matthew, Doug, Reese and Shaw are caught in the crosshairs of Vigilance firepower. Those dastardly villains. So why can’t the other classmates hear all of this shooting going on? They’re drunk and think the sounds they hear are balloons popping.

Now, Collier (leader of Vigilance) has found the location of Lionel and Finch. All of his successful map-questing is thanks to Root’s faulty wiring, but she does try to make things right.

Sidebar: Somebody please put Collier out of his vigilance misery.

Root arrives to rescue Finch, guns blazing and flashing her FBI badge again, but not before Collier nabs a report from Finch’s hands. Later, Collier goes all Eric Snowden and leaks info to the public regarding government snooping.

Tune in to ‘Person of Interest’ on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on CBS.

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