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‘Person of Interest’ Recap: ‘Deus Ex Machina’ judgment day


Person of Interest


It’s now been two hours since the city of New York plunged into darkness, but the trial of Collier vs. surveillance gurus Finch, Greer, and company is about to begin and will be streaming live for all the world to see. Reese, Shaw and Hersh are desperately trying to locate this makeshift courtroom and put an end to this madness.

We learn that Peter Collier, who is drunk with power and lunacy right about now, did not create and form Vigilance. In fact, he was recruited by them via a computer and ever since, his bitterness has been the catalyst to move him up in the ranks.

Root is out stealing Samaritan parts and products. Shaw shows up to help her, sensing the wacky eccentric could get herself killed in the process. Shaw is right of course and pops one into a baddie who was about to pop one into Root.

Collier puts Control on the stand expecting answers, but she musters up enough sass to tell him she will not answer one single question uttered from his lips. So the people Collier dragged in from off the streets to help make up his little mock court are forced to take a vote on Control’s fate. Their verdict? Guilty. The punishment? Death.

However, Harold Finch saves Control’s life by standing up and confessing he is the one who built the machine that’s got Collier’s underoo’s all in a twist. Just as Collier is about to command a vote on Finch’s fate, a radio call comes in informing him one of their command posts has been hit, all vigilance goons are dead. This calls for a change in venue, interrupting court proceedings but buying Finch and the others some time.

Suddenly, Greer’s men arrive and heavy gunfire ensues. This shouldn’t be a surprise since Greer has been eerily smug during the entire time of their ordeal. Collier is heartbroken to learn he’s not so smart after all. The whole world was not watching his silly little trial. The equipment he used was manufactured by Greer who sneakily engineered it to broadcast only in specific areas. And to make matters even worse, Greer, who is the true evil piece of work here, was the one who formed Vigilance and recruited Collier. That fiend!

There is an explosion in a building and sadly, Hersch, sacrificed his life to save others in it. Greer’s right-hand man shoots and kills Collier. RIP Peter Collier. The gun is now pointed at Finch, but Reese comes to his rescue. Greer and his right-hand man managed to escape even though Greer in now way was running. Nevertheless he does get a away and boots up his baby. Samaritan is now up and running and ready to cause havoc.

Root calls Finch and Reese. They must leave the library and worse than departing that comfort zone, they all must take on new identities and go their separate ways.

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