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‘Person of Interest’ recap: ‘Death Benefit’ the machine cashes in

Death Benefit
Death Benefit

Person of Interest


America’s version of Boris and Natasha (Mr. Reese and Ms. Shaw) are having breakfast at a restaurant when the time abruptly comes to go to work. Shaw is not pleased with this interruption. Let’s assume she was famished. The two of them meet a couple of baddies in the alley and quickly tidy up their assignment.

The sound of a motorcycle can be heard and soon seen carrying a slim figure wearing a helmet. It’s Root and she came to scoop up Shaw for the next job which involves stealing a jet. Normally, Shaw is not so anxious to work with Root but when a job sounds like fun what else can she do? Besides, it appears the socially inept Shaw does not recognize the fact that Root is becoming or may already be her BFF.

Finch and Reese head to the nation’s capital to handle the next number the machine has spit out, Congressman Roger McCourt. This particular government official happens to be an outspoken opponent against government surveillance systems. Oh, his enemy list could be long. So our guys are off to the capitol to take pictures of the congressman, his movements and of his entourage. Reese steals the identify of a Secret Service agent in order to get detailed to the congressman, even though McCourt shows a knack for being able to get out of sticky situations of his own. No wonder he’s called “the dealmaker.” Interestingly, computer geek Finch can find no enemies or skeletons in the man’s closet.

Meanwhile, Root and Shaw are down in Miami nursing drinks at a bar after having a hard day’s work. Then again, knowing these two Mrs. Peels (shout out to Avengers fans), they probably barely lifted a finger even though it’s apparent they whipped every man in the place into unconsciousness.

So it turns out McCourt does at least have a secret, sort of. He plays “I’ll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours” with his female assistant. He has his wife’s blessing on this. Henchman working for the evil Decima surveillance intelligence company has blown Reese’s cover so now he, Finch and McCourt have to go in hiding, only to be immediately found by the henchman. They can thank the tracker pinned on McCourt’s lapel for that.

A shoot-out ensues out into the street. It boils down to Reese and one henchman when suddenly the Calvary (Shaw driving a black car with tinted windows) to save the men. Now, they must contend with two other problems. One, law enforcement who believes the U.S. congressman has been abducted is hot on their trail and two, Mr. Reese thinks the machine wants them to kill the congressman since he’s really not opposed to government surveillance companies. He’s the dealmaker. He’s an opportunist who is actually in bed with Decima. They have neat little exchange going on; his legislative support for their protection and insider trading information. Reese and Shaw want what the machine wants and opt to take him out. Finch is against the idea and pleads with McCourt to end his relationship with Decima. He refuses. With nearby sirens glaring, they must make a decision now.

The next scene shows the trio being chased through the woods by law enforcement. Shaw is shot in the leg, but helped up by Reese. They make it back to New York. Reese is holding on to a limping Shaw through the streets of the city. Finch is walking a good distance behind them. Reese and Shaw turn around…and there is no Finch.

Tune in next week when those devils from Decima set their sights on Finch.

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