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‘Person of Interest’ Recap: ‘Beta’ blockers


Person of Interest


There is a robbery in progress at a convenience store. Out of the blue, Ms. Shaw slithers from around the corner. Apparently, she was in the frozen items aisle since she is licking an unpaid for ice cream cone. She politely brings awareness to the would-be robber’s dumbness. He’s wearing a stocking cap which is light in color plus he’s left fingerprints all over the joint. Shaw tells the man to just go ahead and take the box of diapers he obviously needs and scram.

The owner thanks her, but Shaw says the stocking-faced man was no threat. The real threat is the owner’s employee Ricky who turned off the security cameras and begged to come in to work this particular morning. No sooner than slow poke Ricky draws his gun, Shaw snatches it away from him and nails his hide to the floor. She lives for this sort of thing. Shaw pays for her ice cream before leaving. She has such a good heart.

Waiting outside, just in case she needs backup, is the lean and mean Mr. Reese. The two begin to stroll down the street when Shaw is pulled into an alley…by Root. She lives to pop up in their lives now and again. There is a vehicle parked on the street occupied with bad guys anxious to take out the dynamic duo or terrific trio, depending.

Root warns them that they need to lay low. Finch is frustrating the imps at Samaritan or Decima or Algebra House (who can keep up anymore so let’s just call them evil forces). They simply cannot find him. Now they have set their sights on the love of Finch’s life – Grace.

Grace is headed to the airport to fly off to Italy for a job interview. Reese and Shaw emerge from the shadows to stop Grace’s fake driver from driving a needle into her neck. Grace, who thinks Reese and Shaw are detectives, is taken to the police precinct for safe keeping where Reese and Shaw actually do pose as law enforcement in order to protect.

Another fake person shows up seeking Grace. This one poses as an agent. Lionel takes him to an interview room with the promise of bringing Grace there. Lionel lied. The phony agent gets to meet Reese instead and the punches are loud.

The team’s plan to slip away undetected fail when the evil forces’ henchmen crash into their vehicle. Grace is abducted. The trio flee to Jersey because Samaritan can’t see that far. Reese, Shaw and Root sneak onto a dock where they believe Grace be held. The only thing they find is a bunch of dead crewman. A little computer search performed by the human microchip Root leads to the team to guess Grace and the Decima leader are camped out in a building in Brooklyn.

Finch sends a smoke signal of sorts to the team. He knows Decima (evil forces) wants him, not Grace. But Finch has a stipulation. If Decima harms Grace in any way, Reese and Shaw are to kill every last one of them suma-mas. You go Finch!

The time has finally come for the switch. Decima’s goons deliver a blind-folded Grace to a meeting place. She starts walking blindly, but straight ahead. Grace stumbles slightly. Finch reaches out and stops her from falling. Grace says thank you, not knowing it was Finch. Aww. Darn you Decima! Darn you to ham.

As one last act of love, Finch somehow secures the job in Italy for Grace. Reese tells her to go and not look back. Will Grace ever learn the truth? Will Reese and Shaw rescue Finch next week?

Tune in to ‘Person of Interest’ on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on CBS.