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‘Person of Interest’ recap: ‘Allegiance’ back to your roots


Person of Interest 'Allegiance'


Air date March 18, 2014

Yay! Root is back. Now the circle of life is finally complete. Okay, mild exaggeration here but you know you missed her royal craziness.

We find Root taking a risky move by lying in the middle of the street in order to stop a prison bus and free a convict long enough to use him as an imposter. Sadly, his stint as a free man is a brief one since she swiftly arranges his way back in as soon as the job is done. Oh, that Root.

Next, Root zeroes in on one Cyrus Wells, a former multi-millionaire turned janitor who gave his millions away to charity. Finch is also interested in Cyrus being the guy’s number has come up courtesy of The Machine. Cyrus is a popular fellow even raising the interest of psycho government hater Collier.

Root arranges for Cyrus to get picked up by the police for safe keeping until she shows up to retrieve him again with an FBI badge no less. Although Lionel reaches out to Root with terms of endearment such as Coco Puffs, he is none too please to deal with her. Cyrus is transferred back to the care of Roots capable hands until bad guys recognize them on the street and kidnaps Cyrus from her. Cyrus is not just any old mop dragger either. He has retinal access to a floor which houses a NSA lab.

Ms. Shaw is trapped inside a building by Collier and his goons. Recognizing her talents, Collier tries to recruit Shaw to come over to the dark side and help him “re-write” history. She would rather fighter her way out. Let him know, Shaw, let him know!

This whole ordeal may be a little personal for Root since it appears she had a hand in his friends getting killed a few years back. And it’s Root to the rescue, shooting her way through and taking a minor hit for it.

Shaw also triumphantly escapes the battlefield informing Finch that he and Reese missed all the fun. Lionel arrives to presumably drive Root, or as he sarcastically refers to her as, Cuckoo’s Nest, to the airport for her next assignment in Paraguay.

So what did you think of our crime fighters, including the return of Root, in this episode?

Watch ‘Person of Interest’ on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on CBS.


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