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‘Person of Interest’ recap 3.18: united fronts

Person of Interest 3.18
Person of Interest 3.18

Person of Interest 'Allegiance'


Root is still scouring the earth for pesky opponents and has her sights on one gray-haired man in particular who knows he is being followed by her. The old man is certainly a challenge for Root. She is awesome though, as is the hard-headed Ms. Shaw who can’t seem to catch the vision – communication is not her strong suit.

Ms. Shaw is observing the new number of the day, Maria Martinez, who is behaving rather suspiciously. It doesn’t take long to realize all is not what it seems. Shaw and Lionel team up to keep tabs on Maria. They follow her to some type of reception where she hands over documented proof to a UN diplomat named LaPoint. She tries desperately to convince him that her captive friend Omar is not a terrorist, but LaPoint shoos her away.

A Greek diplomat witnesses the rejection and offers to help Maria. Lionel and Shaw follow Maria as she walks home. Shaw senses Maria is in trouble when a French Algerian shows up out of the blue and opens the apartment building door for Maria. Boy was Shaw right. She sneaks in behind them, slips her hand through the elevator door just as it is about to close. Shaw slyly lets him know she knows he is up to no good. The next thing you know Shaw goes all Wonder Woman on him inside the elevator as a shocked Maria watches in disbelief.

Prepared to fight off more men when the elevator doors open, Shaw keeps the action going with back up from Lionel and Reese arriving on the scene to end it.

Finch visits Omar in prison. Omar tells him that Maria’s boss Ken Davis the real dirt bag behind all their troubles and has a UN diplomat in his pocket.

Shaw figures out that Maria and Omar are more than friends. Maria gives Shaw the old slip-a-roo in order to try and save Omar from deportation. Maria rushes over the UN seeking help from her new Greek diplomat friend only he’s no friend. He’s the French Algerian working with Ken Davis. Oops, looks like Maria was bit too trusting.

In the meantime, Reese, Lionel and Omar, who Reese kidnapped earlier, pose as firemen and set off to rescue Maria, but not before fighting some more Algerians. Of course they win the battle with Reese or as Shaw calls him, “Captain America” leading the charge.

Omar’s asylum is approved. Davis is in the wind and Root has borrowed Bear for a little while. Ironically, Root spots her target again in the park, this time having a meeting with Ken Davis. It will be Ken’s last meeting since he gets murdered on the spot.

Later on, Root cleverly uses Bear to track down her target in the tunnel. He may be able to turn off all surveillance cameras and sound, but the old man can’t stop a dog from following the trail of a scent. Good thinking Root. Unfortunately, the man is waiting for Root and has her outnumbered with goons who seem to crawl from out of the woodwork. He walks away with hopes that he and Root can work together in the future.

‘Person of Interest’ airs on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM CBS.


‘Person of Interest’ recap of ‘RAM’

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