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Persian Rose Body Wash

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Pacifica's Persian Rose Body Wash


One of the best parts about taking a shower is using a body wash. From the moment you open up a bottle, the scent moves through the bathroom and relaxation sets in.

Currently I use Pacificas Persian Rose body wash. This body wash smells like flowers and fruit straight out of the Persian empire. However, it is not the overpowering aroma that some have, but it allows for a clean smell and yet you can still put on a perfume afterward.

This wash can be used both in the shower or bath, while shaving or just to clean the skin. It doesn’t leave any type of film on the body, just a subtle aroma that will leave any skin feeling clean and relaxed.

An 8oz. bottle costs $10. Very affordable! It can be purchased on the Pacifica website and the Sephora website. If you like this product, there is also a lotion, soap, roll on perfume, spray perfume and other products that come in this scent. Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased in any stores in Eugene.