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Perle White IPA: Odell Brewing Co.

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Perle White IPA


IPAs are craft beer’s most popular and most prolific style. They come in all different variations from the omnipresent American-style to the original English-style, from the highly alcoholic double or imperial IPA to the quaffable session IPA, and ranging in color from black to white. It is a white IPA that is the focus of this particular review; Odell Brewing Co.’s Perle White IPA (5.5% ABV), part of the brewery’s Roots Release series.

Color: Very hazy, Perle White IPA’s hue is somewhere between the flesh of a white peach and an orange Creamsicle, leaning more towards the peach. Its off-white head is fleeting and needs a bit of a swirl to preserve retention.

Aroma: A powerful, sweet, citric, orange aroma is most noticeable but Perle White IPA’s bitter pedigree isn’t to be ignored—a piney hop scent lurks underneath the more obvious fruity smells.

Taste: Oranges are once again prominent and, once again, the pine qualities of the hops take a backseat as they quickly flare up and then subside, vanishing like a phantom blip on a radar screen. Little to no lingering bitterness remains in the aftertaste. At times, the flavor wavers between oranges and another similar-tasting fruit, clementines. 5.5% ABV is a fairly conservative amount of alcohol but the mix of booze, oranges, and carbonation nonetheless make Perle White IPA the mimosa of beers.

Mouthfeel: Perle White IPA dries out the palate and imparts a warming sensation in the back of the mouth. It’s perhaps a touch heavier than one might except considering its muted color scheme.

Care to give this beer a try? Head to the nearest liquor store soon, it’s a seasonal and is only available through September. Once it’s in one’s possession, enjoy Perle White IPA’s refreshing citrus character as the sun sets earlier and the summer days wane into autumn.