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Perhaps: The Finest In Boston Psych Prog Comes To The Northwest And Canada

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On a 35-date tour of the United States and Canada with Acid Mothers Temple, Boston neo-prog rockers Perhaps, featuring Dave Khostinat – vocals, keyboards; Sean McDermott – guitar; Jim Haney – bass; and Don Taylor – drums, a band that on this date played their 130th show covering 15 countries since their inception in 2012, brought a performance to the Media Club in Vancouver, B.C. on May 10 that was at the same time adventurous and unpredictable, performing music from their three LP and digital releases Volume 1, Volume 2, and Kamikaze.

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The set began with a sound immediately recognizable to someone familiar with the likes of King Crimson or Yes, but then immediately noticeable were the tempo changes. Their musicianship was head-spinning, and this was moments even before take off. The goal, according to Khostinat, has been simply to play as much as possible, and they sounded like it. The music twisted and turned with sudden breaks, driving fiercely, never losing its progressive edge.

About midway through the set Taylor took a drum solo, then Haney joined in on bass and McDermott on guitar for a jam bound for inner space. At this point the music became heavier and more psychedelic with McDermott doing extended soloing, ripping at the neck of his Gibson, tearing at the tremolo bar.

They touched briefly on the melody of Jimi Hendrix’s "Third Stone From The Sun" then initiated a straight ahead rock jam. The rhythm fragmented, becoming chaotic, then they slammed into the end of the tune, almost immediately leading into a new one with math-like synchronization from near quietude to sudden blazing, driving rhythmic and time changes, something that could only be pulled off by a band that has toured constantly all over the world that way they have.

Throughout the entire set there were sudden breaks and stops that made the music very unpredictable as to what the time signature was going to be within the next few seconds, meanwhile it was twisting and turning, the guitar solos soaked in reverb. Playing with varying and shifting levels of intensity they dared to jump over the edge into an abyss of sound and tonal color, from a near standstill picking up furiously, drums and bass in unison, and as the guitar soloed dissonantly, they rocked the place into submission.