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Perfect Opposite by Zoya Tessi

contemporary romance book


Their wishes were simple and modest. Fate had other things in store though, and she can be a real bitch sometimes.

- All he wanted was to get the job done and somehow to endure those long months playing nanny to a spoiled little rich girl. Without strangling her with his bare hands in the process. Well, it is going to be much easier said than done.

- All she wanted was to escape the past and live like any other nineteen-year-old girl. Her plan definitely didn’t include the arrogant, tattooed savage, with his awful mohawk hair and lack of social graces, whose only mission was to stick real close and mess up her life.

But, people aren’t always what they seem to be, are they?

My Thoughts:

I really liked the premise of this book because I enjoy stories about people who have nothing in common yet find themselves attracted to each other and somehow make it work between them. These are some of favorite storylines because of the ready-built tension of being opposites; there's just so much potential for things to go wrong because of the way they were brought up, the way they view the world, etc. And it's exciting to see how they react to each other, the situation they find themselves in, and just life in general. It's a really fun story trope.

Unfortunately, this story didn't quite live up to expectations. It was really vague in some spots and I know this was probably to meant to add mystery to the story, but it just made me confused instead. It left me wondering who the heck these people were and what were they up to - and not in a good way. It was kind of irritating. It didn't get much better when the main characters were introduced. I didn't really like them and didn't really care what happened to them and that's when I stopped reading. If I don't engage with the characters in the beginning, even if they're mean to each other (show me other reasons why they're good), then I just can't care enough to read their stories. Such is the case with this book. It just wasn't to my liking.