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Perfect Dark (Xbox 360) review

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Perfect Dark (Xbox 360)


Perfect Dark is a science fiction first person shooter first released for Nintendo 64 on May 22nd, 2000, with a remake for Xbox live on March 17th, 2010. The remake was developed by 4J Studios and Rare, with publishing done by Microsoft Game Studios. The story is split two ways: an interstellar war between the Maians and Skedar is being waged while on earth, the megacorporation named dataDyne developed Dr. Caroll, a supercomputer. Feeling that dataDyne has violated ethics and morals, Dr. Caroll calls the Carrington Institute, ran by Daniel Carrington, and wants dataDyne exposed for their ordeal.

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Graphics-The graphics back in 2000 were something of a gem; and 10 years later, the remake doesn’t disappoint. Everything looks smoother and cleaner, but the animation falls a little bit, but isn’t really noticeable. The sci-fi scenery isn’t quite stock, but isn’t original either.

Sound-The background music is okay, but really adds nothing to the atmosphere. The voice acting is also okay, but none of the voices really stand out.

Gameplay-If you’ve played Goldeneye, chances are you’ll be looking at the same thing, except you’re playing as Joanna Dark instead of James Bond. You’ll complete objectives on three difficulties, each with varying number of objectives and an increase of difficulty. Like Goldeneye, completing missions on certain difficulties in specific time limits will reward you with cheats. One thing that sets this game apart from Goldeneye is that there’s a co-op mode, where two players can complete missions together. Its polar opposite is counter operative, where two players will be playing against each other (one completes the mission, the other prevents that from happening). The multiplayer in both games is fun, but with Perfect Dark, it goes one step further by having simulants in lieu of actual players. There are quite a few simulants to choose from, ranging from the meat simulant to the dark simulant, and other simulants with unique traits.

Controls-This is the game’s biggest Achilles’ heel. While not completely troublesome, as moving and shooting are fine, the real issue comes from aiming. The aiming wasn’t programmed well, and players will notice this when sniping.

Overall-If you have an Xbox 360, and want a solid shooter, Perfect Dark has you covered. This game has held up well for years, and will provide hours of fun.

Score: 4/5

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