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Penny Stocks In Review: KonaRed should turn heads

Konared Corp (OTCBB:KRED) is a penny stock on the move
Konared Corp (OTCBB:KRED) is a penny stock on the move

KonaRed Corp. Stock


KonaRed: The beverage penny stock - Konared Corp. (OTCBB:KRED) started Monday on an upswing, trading at 0.796, up 0.006 (0.76%).

About KonaRed

According to the company's website, KonaRed "...develops wellness beverages and powders made from Hawaiian CoffeeBerry ®. Its products are sold in select Whole Foods, Safeway, Sprouts, 7-Eleven, and many other retail outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada."

Recent News

The Company announced March 21 its products are now available in more than 2,100 Walmart stores across the United States. The expansion into Walmart involves the placement of its 16 oz. bottles of KonaRed Original into the stores.

Price Analysis.In December of 2013, this penny stock hit $0.75 and has not looked back, spiking to $1.24 at the end of January this year. Its 52-week range is at $1.36, so the fact that it's currently trading around $0.79 may be a good sign for investors. This month, the penny stock has seen some spikes between $0.82-$0.85, but nothing really significant. One thing is for sure, the price will level off at $0.80 if all else fails. If it does drop, it's usually no more than two cents. Overall I like the stability of this penny stock.

A Penny Stock On The Move. March has been a busy month for KonaRed. Earlier this month the company renewed their agreement with Hawaii-based Paradise Beverages to distribute KonaRed Original and Green Tea Products to Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, Foodland, and 7-Eleven Stores Throughout Hawaii. What really put them out front was being named the official for US Volleyball Cup 2014. According to the company's press release, KonaRed "...will be recognized on all USA Volleyball Cup promotions, press and public relations for the series of competitions. KonaRed and/or its logo will be included in press backdrops, email promotions and social media/digital marketing efforts. In addition KonaRed will receive venue signage, public address announcer recognition during events, and product sampling opportunities."

KonaReds is without a doubt a "looker", and should be placed on your watchlists.

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