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Penny Loafers: The perfect fit for anyone's...ears?

Penny Loafers "Goodbye, World, Goodbye" music video


Have you ever seen that show "The Sing Off" on NBC? It is an a cappella singing competition where groups must use their voices to mimic the sounds instruments would make in a more standard musical arrangement. The people on the show can replicate the sounds of almost any instrument imaginable. The things they do with their voices on the show are downright amazing.

The Penny Loafers

As it turns out, despite its recent popularity spike caused by "The Sing Off," a cappella music has been a big deal for quite some time. In particular, it is a very common feature of many southern gospel albums. In fact, just down the road there is a group of Berea College graduates making their way in the industry primarily utilizing the a cappella style.

The Penny Loafers had their first performance back in 1985, and have been loafin' ever since. While they have seen their share of success throughout their years, their most recent publicity has come from the first album they have released since signing a recording contract with Mansion Records.

The album, "Baptized on Sunday," was released earlier this year and is money from the first track to the last. Whether you are a southern gospel enthusiast or an a cappella fanatic, you'll be blessed by what the Penny Loafers and Mansion Records have put together. If you know anybody that is interested in this type of music, this would be the perfect Christmas gift. If you are not familiar with this type of music yourself, this album is a great place to start.

Even more recently, the Penny Loafers have released their first music video. The song "Goodbye, World, Goodbye" from their new album translates very well into an entertaining video that even has a cameo from the song's original author, Mosie Lister. Please help me support the Penny Loafers and their fantastic ministry by viewing their new video, liking their facebook page, and buying a few copies of "Baptized on Sunday" for your friends. You'll thank me later. Think about it.