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Pelican’s 1070CC Hardback case: ‘The early bird catches the worm!’

Pelican’s 1070CC Hardback case


This article’s title is not particularly apt, as National Geographic lists Pelicans as consuming more fish than worms. However, in terms of this title’s idiomatic meaning, a company that shares this avian name (Pelican Products, Inc.) has been one of the first manufacturers of a 13” hard shell case for ultrabooks. Moreover, this “early bird’s” product will be difficult for others to catch.

‘The early bird catches the worm!’
Brian Hart

The aforementioned is a slim class of laptops that are difficult to adequately protect due to their diminutive dimensions (e.g., Apple’s 13” Macbook Air starts out with a thickness of 1 cm and tapers down to 3 mm). Thus, many general cases for 13” laptops leave enough room for an ultrabook to move freely within, thereby, not providing an adequate defense.

This review specifically covers the 1070CC Hardback case ($92.65), but this content may also be applicable to Pelican’s entire line of Hardback products for eBooks, iPads, netbooks, and other sized laptops.

The Hardback is colored black inside (as well as out) and includes thick hinges that allow the case to open 225 degrees. The rectangular exterior (approximately 16” x 12” x 1.5”) is composed of exceptionally strong, resilient plastic and includes four, non-slip feet.

Contrastingly, the interior is completely lined with soft, shock-absorbing foam that is permanently molded into the compartment. Additionally, Pelican provides four, 3.5 cm square, adhesive, foam blocks that act as bumpers to further adjust the case to better fit a particular device.

Unlike other companies, Pelican’s 1070CC features a built-in O-Ring that easily seals the case via a large, locking clasp. Moreover, underneath the previously mentioned clasp is a purge value that automatically equalizes atmospheric pressure with the pressure within the case.

The author’s only qualm stems from how one carries the product. Pelican includes a 5’ adjustable strap that attaches to two slots at the top of the case; nonetheless, this author would have also preferred either a permanent or detachable option for a handle.

Pelican Products, Inc., has drawn from their extensive knowledge of protective cases stretching back to this company’s beginnings in 1976 to fabricate the 1070CC. In fact, all of the previously described features make the Hardback cases crushproof, watertight (up to 1 m for 30 min), dustproof, and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Pelican’s Hardbacks live up to the company’s heritage as well as their own name by thoroughly safeguarding delicate electronics at an economical price.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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