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Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening

NEW Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening

Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening


So I tried out the NEW Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening system. I went with the Gentle option. The company promises to give you dramatic results and "your whitest smile with no sensitivity."

Sounds good to me!

I've used at-home whitening strips and trays before. I've even used SuperSmile toothpaste. My last attempt was done at the Motykie Spa in West Hollywood. I sat there for half an uncomfortable hour. I was really excited, too, because the technician who took care of my service kept saying how much gel she used - which meant I would experience incredible results. When I left the office, my teeth looked bright for a few hours. Then they went back to their old off-white hue. I honestly didn't notice any difference later that week. No one did.

When it came time to give the Pearl system a try, my expectations weren't very high. But I'm always up for a new product, so I fumbled through the directions and popped in the mouth-tray device while I watched Naked & Afraid. (Riveting television if you've never seen it!)

Pearl makes it really simple. There's one lightweight tray where the gel is placed. A light goes on. Five minutes later, a light goes off. Do that twice a day for 5 days, and you're done.

Very user friendly, very comfortable, and best - very quick.

I actually saw results, too! Not sure if my teeth seem 7 whole shades whiter, but they do seem brighter for sure. I highly recommend picking this one up if you're looking for an at-home whitening option.

The kit comes with a double-sided mouth-tray and 20 individual tubes of ionic gel. Choose from Brillant White or Gentle White. You can also buy the gel tubes separately for touch ups - recommended every 3 months or on an as-needed basis.

I should say that I did experience some sensitivity (kind of a burning sensation) in my gums a few times. I laid off the product while the irritation went away, then finished the remaining tubes without any issue.

You can pick up the Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening system at, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales or Nordstrom.