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PC Review: Super Motherload

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XGen Studios

Super Motherload


Super Motherload was a hit indie game on the PS4. It was a different kind of exploration game with a hefty amount of challenge. The port to the PC has been made and the verdict is in. This game still rocks. People who do not have a PS4 to play this game but instead spent their fortune on a PC now have something new to enjoy (or gather the infamous Steam Library E-Dust). With my very personal opinions aside on how great this game is, my professional viewpoint says this game is worth getting.

XGen Studios

You play as a contractor that is tasked with digging precious minerals from underground for a mega-corporation with a secret to hide. You are not the first person to venture into these pars. You will begin to receive odd transmissions from scientists that tell you to turn back and leave etc. Then there is a mutant sending you transmissions to ignore the pleas. As you progress further, everything gets more peculiar. Upon reaching the end, you learn the truth...or do you?

This is a game that has an odd way of portraying a story, mainly because it tries to tell you that there is not one. You are lead to believe that your goal is to use gather minerals and make money to upgrade your rig. Eventually the game eases you into a state of curiosity where you hardly care about the minerals and care about getting to the end. This is made evident by the increasing numbers of rare ore deposits. It is a creative way to keep the player going and to change the way they play the game.

The gameplay is rather simple, while the developers prefer you use a controller, you can use the keyboard with ease once you remap the keybindings to something more feasible than the arrows keys (wasd/qe/spacebar). I got used to the flow of Super Motherload rather fast after I sat down and had a gaming session with it. You mine out minerals, fill your cargo, go to the surface, earn money, refuel, rinse repeat. That is until you find the underground bases of Alpha, Beta, Delta etc. You spend your money on repairs, fuel and upgrades. Every pilot has 55 upgrades to purchase and they obviously increase in cost the more you upgrade.

Some are more important than others, like tank size for fuel and cargo size. Others you can make do with like drill speed and rotor speed. While the prices look to be daunting ( 1 million for the final upgrades) it is not all that bad when you get later into the game where you have diamonds and gems everywhere to make items that give you 30k per unit. The game has an interesting way of pacing because you will be in the zone, collecting a bunch of minerals, then your cargo is full. The feeling of frustration is strong within this game when it happens. The same goes for your fuel when your tank gets low.

Playing Co-Op is also fun but it is only local, so PC people may have some trouble with that, unless you built your own Steam machine. This is certainly a couch multiplayer game that up to four people can play at the same time. The music is nice and the art style has a retro comic book feeling to it. You can unlock characters as you play through the game although I am not sure what they do apart from each other.

Super Motherload offers a sense of mixed challenges from having to scrounge together enough money for that cargo upgrade to trying not to use explosives to blow up important items. There is a lot of replay value to this game and I highly recommend this game to people. It worked great on PS4, and it works great on PC. You can pick the game up on Steam now. I give Super Motherload a 10/10.