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PC Review: Life Goes On

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Infinite Monkeys Entertainment

Life Goes On


Life Goes On is a rather unique platformer. While it lacks the depth of some other games in the industry, it offers enough fresh gameplay to stand out among the other platformers on Steam. Which is quite something considering there are A LOT of platformers in the Steam Marketplace. However, the developers decided to take a common occurrence in video games and make it a core gameplay mechanic, losing lives.


You play as a knight, then he dies, then you play as another knight. But then he dies, no worries, you can play as another knight and he may just be the one to obtain the Cup of Life. Something seems a bit wrong here, well it is rather morbid but that is the basic though process for Life Goes On. There isn't much of a story per'se. It is more of a, here is a guy you can move around and use to get to the end of the level. You must guide every knight to their demise in the shortest amount of lives as possible to reach the Cup of Life which is at the other end of the level.

Dying is something that gamers will see often in their journeys through fantasy lands. Dying is something that gamers do not want to see as it brings a feeling of failure. Fear not my players, dying is the only way to get to the end of the level in this game, because Life.Goes.On. Now you see what the developer did there, and you know you like it.

You must navigate your knight to his certain death in the most convenient way possible to great bridges, walls, activate switches or any other way you can get to the Cup of Life. The ways to do this are incredibly creative and it shows a lot of fresh ideas and execution in a game like this. Since this is more of an arcade like game, you can get better scores by using the least amount of knights as possible to get to the end as well as finish the level within a time limit. This enhances the replay value of the game considering there are 50 levels to play through. However, the game is still rather fast paced so those 50 levels go quick. After you complete the game you sort of wish there was more to the game. It feels like there is a lack of content to the game, but there is only so much you can do with a game like Life Goes On.

The art style is oddly charming for how morbid the game is, the same goes for the soundtrack. The controls are tight, simple, and responsive. It plays very well and there are plenty of laughs to be had as well has good wholesome gaming enjoyment. You wouldn't expect it from a game like this but Life Goes On is rather liberating considering the gaming world is filled with competitive people on competitive platforms. This is a perfect game to play while you are waiting for a flight or something else that can take a lot of waiting time. While at the same time, you can play this game hardcore and power through it and still have fun.

I give Life Goes On for the PC an 8.5/10. You can pick it up on Steam now.

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