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PC Review: Dragons and Titans


Dragons and Titans


The MOBA genre is everywhere. Ever since the popularity of “LoL” or League of Legends, companies cannot seem to throw out anything that resembles the three lane PvP strategy game from Riot. There are games that do things right by making them unique while staying in the genre. We have SMITE, DOTA 2, and Infinite Crisis. There are other games, such as Guardians of Middle Earth, Demigod, and Prime World that try to do something different, but it ends up being a poorly thought out mess. Then we have Dragons and Titans. A game with such potential but unfortunately comes off as a cheap knockoff. I don't want to spoil everything in this introduction, so let's get started.


You are a dragon rider, and it is up to you to defeat other riders so that your Titan can rule the land. Why? Because your Titan is better than their Titan, so you must kill them for it. There is some lore through this game that you gain from playing the single player. Which is surprising considering these sorts of games do not come with a single player offline mode. So bonus points for that.

Let us start off with a small origin story of this game. It debuted on Facebook and was generally well received. The game was different for that kind of environment and it appeared to have more depth than the common Facebook title. It worked on that platform, your standards are about as high as they get for games like Dragons and Titans. Then the game moved to Steam. I will admit, I was interested in this game because I am always looking for something different. A Facebook MOBA? That certainly got my attention, and dragons are cool.

Your medium is everything, and in the transition from Facebook medium to Steam medium is very different. There are certain guidelines that people are accustomed to when it comes to PC games. Dragons and Titans does a poor job. I would have to say my biggest complaint about Dragons and Titans is the control scheme. While the button layout is just fine, the movement is what really kills it. Your dragon is locked to your mouse, so wherever your mouse is, that is where your dragon is facing. Unless specified, all of your abilities will be going where your mouse is. This is what makes Dragons and Titans a difficult game to play. More often than not you will spend most of your time figuring out which way to move. Then you realize you just spent five minutes and died because you were spinning in a circle trying to get your bearings.

The movement and the mouse control alone is enough reason to never play this game again after the tutorial and a few PvP matches. I have been playing it for a couple hours here and there, and I still cannot get a grip on the movement.

Then there is the model of Free to Play. I guess this game does it better than others. You can use the free dragons and weapons that are available that week to generate the free in game currency to hopefully buy a pack of dragons and you may get one you want, or not. This is where the problem lies for a game like this, especially when you add in that the dragons can evolve when you have more of the same ones in your inventory. It just feels like a senseless cash grab to get people to but the predetermined packs. With other F2P MOBA games you do not have to leave it to chance, you can get what you want. This game can become a pay to win scenario as well. It just feels like a Facebook game, and it does NOT work on the Steam platform.

Outside of that, the game has some really cool are and the dragons are surprisingly diverse since there are about 30 of them and they all have two extra evolution stages. I commend the creators for thinking outside the box, but the platform or medium should have been taken into consideration when moved to Steam. If this game was to make any sort of improvement, it would have to be optimized for the PC and not Facebook. While Dragons and Titans has a cool art design and even some singleplayer additions, the game still feels too much like it is a Facebook title and that heavily injures the playability. It is certainly playable, and I know newcomers to the MOBA franchise would get a real kick out of the game. However, if you are a regular MOBA player I doubt you will find much reason to keep playing. I give Dragons and Titans a 6/10. You can play it on Facebook or pick it up on Steam.