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Paul Walker fights to keep his child alive in ‘Hours’



With the exception of the Fast and Furious franchise the late Paul Walker seemed to do a lot of smaller films when he wasn’t spending a good chunk of his life dedicated to helping others. Before his passing he still had a couple of films in the can, one of them being Hours that is getting ready to hit shelves but will it be able to capture the struggles and intensity of the subject matter and honor his legacy?

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Hours follow New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina hits, where a pregnant woman dies giving birth prematurely leaving her baby in critical condition. The baby has to be kept in a neonatal incubator, but when the hurricane strikes, all the power goes out and everyone in the hospital leaves, but the baby's father stays because the baby can't be moved so he has to take care of his baby by making sure the ventilator stays on and because there's no power, the only power source is generator that he has to crank every few minutes. This is one of those movies that has so many directions they could have gone to try and make it more exciting, but thankfully they went the more realistic approach with effective results. While he is not the only one in the film, this one plays a lot like Castaway with Walker being alone for a big portion of the film and he nails it. There can be an argument for those that have not seen anything other than his FF films like Running Scared about his range as an actor, but he had so much more to offer. Here he shines bringing his everyman mentality while bringing all variations of his emotional and physical struggle to keep his baby alive. What makes this film work is Walker’s performance watching him go from an emotionally wrecked man to a proud determined father to a man struggling to survive. He brings everything to this role and showcases a performance that he hasn’t been able to give in some time.

This is one of those films that will probably do better now that he has passed than it would have had he lived, but is well worth the push as it works. This is not a pity view, giving it props due to the actor involved but a truly great performance by a good actor and great man that was taken too soon that should be seen. Whether you are a fan of Walker or not be sure to check out Hours when it hits DVD and Blu-ray on March 4th.

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