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Part 3: Explore new lands and the unknown in 'The Princetta'

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"The Princetta"


It means forgetting his father was a pirate captain in order to become a true naval captain himself, dedicating his pursuits to navigating the sea and experiencing its turmoil. Orpheus is good-natured and open-minded, but in many ways he is still a boy, immature and a “greenhorn.” Furthermore, in The Princetta, one typical scenario straight from history and many fairy tales ignites the spark of the plot: a prearranged marriage of state. This creates a furious anger in the princess, the object of the merger, and it convinces her to finally run away from a future of isolation, disrespect, and routine in Galnicia. Throwing away everything known for the unknown and hardships is a great sacrifice, which Malva learns all too soon. The treachery of one of her best friends devastates her and only pushes her further to seek a distant utopia.

The Princetta, in some ways like Around the World in Eighty Days, is an odyssey for all the main characters. However, the journey in The Princetta is more impossible, with its many allusions to magic and supernatural powers, and it is less pragmatic in its tone. Also, the many legends and myths about the passage of time in different dimensions comes to life here, for The Princetta carries a twist on this very subject right before the ending. The shock of this twist alters Malva’s ideas and dreams, and prepares her for new trials. From a deadly stay in an emperor’s vast harem to a battle in a Persian-like wasteland, wars, naval voyages, astronomy, healing medicines, and vibrant landscapes illustrate a magnificent story brimming with heartaches, bittersweet romance, and personal struggles. In one novel, Bondoux has combined exciting exploration and love stories with deep thoughts about mortality and the perspective of life itself.

The Princetta is available in local libraries and bookstores in Fresno, and online.