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Part 1: Remember the magic of 'Snow White and Rose Red'

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"Snow White and Rose Red"


In the world of fairy tales, Snow-White and Rose-Red is one that is often confused with the popular Snow White, despite the fact that these two stories are completely different in every way. Snow White is about one princess who is forced to go into hiding because of a power-hungry, narcissistic, and murderous stepmother with serious self-esteem issues, while Snow-White and Rose-Red is even more perplexing. Two common sisters happen to be in the right places at the right times for a “happily ever after” ending that includes handsome princes and treasure. In fact, the entire plot of Snow-White and Rose-Red is in need of unification, for all of its themes and elements are disjointed and broken into unintelligible pieces of information.

In Patricia Wrede’s version of the tale, everything is suddenly very, very smooth, connected, and interesting. The novel Snow White and Rose Red is rare and unique in the fact that it makes the English language sound like slowly ebbing music, fluid and beautiful. After all, most literary critics agree that English spoken and written during the Elizabethan Era is particularly difficult to understand, belonging more to the enigma and intrigue of William Shakespeare’s many plays and poems.

To be continued...

Snow White and Rose Red is available in local libraries and bookstores in Fresno, and online.