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Part 1: 'Goddess Interrupted' is the opposite of 'The Goddess Test'

The front cover of "Goddess Interrupted"

"Goddess Interrupted"


Kate thinks that now she can live happily forever after with her husband Henry, a.k.a. Hades, the king of the Underworld and lord of the dead. After passing the goddess test and becoming immortal in The Goddess Test, Kate is confident all her worries are over. In Goddess Interrupted, it turns out that she could not be more wrong. Cronus, the king of the Titans, has escaped from his prison in Tartarus thanks to Calliope. Immediately he unleashes a mad desire for revenge against the immortals who conquered and subdued him. Suddenly, Kate’s perfect world is destined for destruction as her new family prepares to battle against a being more powerful than themselves. To make matters worse, Kate’s relationship with Henry is spiraling downward and imploding, which only gets worse when Persephone walks back into the picture. Being a goddess is no picnic—especially when an insane Calliope and a vengeful Cronus join forces to annihilate everything and everyone Kate loves.

Being a sequel, Goddess Interrupted picks up where Aimée Carter left off in The Goddess Test, with the exception of Kate’s summer vacation sojourns accounted for in the e-novella The Goddess Hunt. Most sequels either make or break the continuing series of books they belong to. Unfortunately, Goddess Interrupted effectively destroys most of the concepts introduced in The Goddess Test with ghastly further speculation. The story has nothing to do with the myth of Hades and Persephone anymore, or any particular Greek myth for that matter. For example, Persephone’s image was relatively left alone in the first novel. Now, she is illustrated as a villainous cheat and disloyal ex-wife, a flirt and a misunderstood former goddess.

To be continued...

Goddess Interrupted is available in local libraries and bookstores in Fresno, and online.