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Parents should be careful of Chili's table tablets with kids

Are Chili's tablets dangerous for kids?
Are Chili's tablets dangerous for kids?
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Chili's tablet ordering system


I took my daughter and her best friend to lunch at Chili's yesterday. It was our first time eating at the chain since they installed tablets at the tables of 45,00 restaurants.

We didn't use the tablet to order because we didn't know that's what it was for. Our server actually never mentioned it. We figured it out because the kids were playing around with it.

Be careful with the tablets at Chili's and kids. My daughter was playing around with it and quickly bought an app without realizing it cost money with just a couple touches. There was a .99 charge on my bill for it.

I'm not the only one this has happened to. Mother Kathleen Manfra had a similar situation when she dined at the chain with her tween daughter.

Adults have found themselves tricked by the apps as well. Tyler Brown said, " Found that out the hard way when me and a friend went there about a year or so ago. They fail to tell you the apps cost money and there's no real warning since it's automatically added to your bill."

There really should be some sort of parental control feature on it that requires parents to give the okay before games are purchased. For that, I give the tablet a big thumbs down.

However, we did use it to pay and it was extremely easy and convenient. It shows you your itemized tab (including any games purchased, with our without parental knowledge) and automatically calculates a 20% tip. You can then adjust it either up and down.

Then you swipe your card right there on the tablet, sign with your finger and off you go. Very easy.

Just be careful if you let your kids play with the Chili's tablet.