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Parenting with dvd's

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Parents are always told no tv, no computers, on electronics, etc. However, a lot of very good information is out in forms of electronics. My household has ipads, computers, cell phones, dvds, blu rays, and so much more. 99% of our electronics are used for school purposes. As a homeschooler I use everything and anything. If my kids learn better using songs and dancing letters works then why not use it. I am not suggesting using only tv of course but there are so many good resources out there to use that can help children learn easier and have lots of fun at the same time.
For those that homeschool or like to teach their children on the off time, there are so many online things to use. Links, books, games, and so many other amazing things to explore on the internet or dvds. There are also a lot of amazing things that you have to pay for along with free sites. Google can be your best friend online in finding things that will work for you and yours. There are also a lot of worksheets to print out that are free. Gives you the freedom of keeping your kids off the internet and doing sheet work if that makes it easier and better for you. My own kids love worksheets and coloring pages that we find online and even the younger ones have fun coloring out of the lines. Here are a few links for fun learning sies, some of them free others paid.

I hope you find some of these links as helpful and you have lots of fun with your kids and their learning.