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Paranormal Radio: Nightfall, 'Footsteps'



The radio program that is being reviewed is called, "Footsteps." It comes from the CBC radio show, Nightfall. A show that lasted from 1980 to 1983. The show primarily did horror stories, some of the stories were about ghosts, slashers, vampires, there were some good scifi stories too.

Well "Footsteps," is about a man that almost dies from being hit by a truck, but that's the least of his worries, he is being haunted by footsteps. Larry LeClair was the one that wrote the story and it aired on Oct. 8, 1982. You can listen to the program here. The episode comes from the third season and the last season.

"Footsteps," isn't a half bad ghost story, there is a nice twist at the end though you kind of figure how it's going to end. There is something though that is a little more eerie when you listen to it on 'radio' or in this case on your computer. Though anyone who had a chance to listen to Nightfall in its time was one lucky person.

Well anyway the man (known as David) is obsessed over these footstep noises, his wife doesn't hear them but she tries to help, a doctor is thrown in the mix but even can he help him. His friend blames it that he is overworked and should have taken some time off after his near fatal accident.

It has atmosphere, the actors do well with conducting emotions, you can really vision that is going on. Like stated before the ending is a usual one, one that many ghost stories do, it kind of reminds one of the Hitch-hiker story. Nevertheless the story is a 3 star one that is worth the listen. If you have a good imagination, then you won't be bored with it.

So if you like a good chiller you'll enjoy it even with a less than enthusiastic ending. Not bad, but it's not hard to figure out and it's not the biggest twist, but nevertheless it is still freaky. Take a listen for yourself and don't forget to add a little more creepiness by watching the video shared.